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We want you to be satisfied with your KRASER.

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In the event of a breakdown or accident, place the Emergency Light at the highest possible point on your car or motorcycle so that it can be seen from farther away, such as the car’s railing or roof, or the motorcycle’s fuel tank.

Before using

For the first time, pull the safety tab so that the 3 AAA batteries (included) come into contact. When replacing the batteries, check that the type and voltage are correct.

Emergency light mode

Press the flashing beacon button once to turn it on.
Turn it off by pressing the flashing beacon button one more time.

Flashlight mode

The flashlight mode has two levels of white light intensity.
To turn it on, press the flashlight button once.
To reduce the intensity of the flashlight, press the button again.
Turn off the flashlight by pressing the flashlight button one more time.

Built-in hook

Raise the hook by turning it carefully.

Safety warnings

* This product is not intended for use by children or disabled people, or people without experience or knowledge, unless they have had supervision or instructions on the use of the product by a person responsible for their safety.

* This product is equipped with a high capacity inductive magnetic base. Be careful not to bring it near emitting or receiving sources that are sensitive to magnetic radiation.

* People with pacemakers should consult a physician before using this product. They should be kept at least 50 cm from the product because electromagnetic waves can affect the functions of the pacemaker.

* Check the battery status periodically. Replace them when you notice a significant decrease in light intensity.

* Do not attempt to disassemble the device, as this will render it useless.

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